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nwmann's Journal

23 July
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#dxm, (1)+(-1)=0, 2-5dimethoxy-4iodophenethylamine, 2ci, 4-ho-dmt, 4hodmt, 4hydroxydimethyltryptamine, 5-meo-amt, 5-meo-dipt, 5-meo-dmt, 5meoamt, 5meodipt, 5meodmt, 5methoxyalphamethyltryptamine, 5methoxydiisopropyltryptamine, 5methoxydimethyltryptamine, alexander shulgin, alphamethyltryptamine, alphasim, altered states, ambient, amt, anabolic frolic, anime, ap, astral projection, big o, buddhism, built to spill, c18h25no, cellular programming, chakras, chemical synthesis, clint mansell, clitoris, computers, cowboy bebop, dance dance revolution, dancing, ddr, dextromethorphan, dimethyltryptamine, dnb, drug safety, drugs, dune, dxm, e, ecstasy, electronic music, experiencing, family guy, final fantasy, foxy, fuck bush, genetics, hannah givler, happiness, happy hardcore, hardcore, hhc, higher thinking, house, infected mushroom, inner peace, internal realities, internal reality, kandi, kandi kids, learning, linux, lucid dreaming, lucid dreams, mars volta, mdma, meditation, meth, methamphetamine, methylenedioxymethylamphetamine, my friends, nick brown, nin, nostalgia, obe, ohio scene, oobe, out of body experiences, outlaw star, past lives, phenethylamine, phenethylamines, pi, pihkal, plur, positive energy, post 891, programming, projecting, psychadelic trance, psytrance, public transportation, pupils, radiohead, rave, ravers, raves, rc, reincarnation, remote viewing, requiem for a dream, research chemicals, revolution, scene ohio, sceneohio, self understanding, sex, shard6, shpongle, shulgin, sleep, sleep paralysis, spirituality, ssh, star trek, synthetic memories, synthetics, tawney, techno, technological advances, the band astral projection, the beatles, the big o, the blue nile, the graham school, the it room, thoughts, tihkal, trance, transcendental states, truth, tryptamine, tryptamines, unix, vagina, weed, ween, wordzap, x, x-dream